Sunday, January 8, 2012

The morons in my life

The people i have to put up with in my life is insane.
People wonder why i am sarcastic and patronizing all the time.

These xenophobic, racist hicks who 80% are fatass and have no future and are all dumb as doornails, cannot converse beyond the cricket or the 'fucking chingy cunts who are stealing all our jobs', you will never hear the word 'China' and 'jobs' mentioned in two separate sentences

Facebook is no different either. Like for a like and all this other horseshit, all from the same uncultured fuckwards who i have no choice to make friends with. Deleted 120 people off my Facebook the other day, 8 were not from the country. Says a lot.

Fuck the Country, i cant wait till my studies come back up again so i can leave this backwards dustbowl

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