Thursday, April 12, 2012

A loss

Today we had a loss of a firend. A good man. I did not know him well. All i can think of is his family and his girlfriend that he leaves behind. I can vent about this and not think about this man in 2 weeks, these people will have to deal with his loss for years to come. Why is this? It angers me how little we show compassion to each other

He was only 1km from home. 5mins. Thats all. 5mins without the accident and he could live on for another 70 years. 5 minutes and he would still be here. Rather then all the tears and hate and greif.

Why do all the hoon drivers live? Why cant he? He wasnt dangerous! Why the fuck does he have to die when these immature fuckwads speed up and down highways and get away with fines!?! Sure, bitch about it. You're not the one dead.

Fuck i hate people. Yet i dont believe in God. But who can you turn to in your final minutes? Their idea of an afterlife sounds far better then mine.

I have not lost a loved one yet. Im sure one of you has. How many years before i lose a friend or family? 20 years? 10? This year? Im frightened to think who it would be or who it could be. And how can i possibly cope with something like that?

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